The Workshop

PenPaperWrite Writers Workshop

Author and writing coach, Christina Ranallo leading the Pen Paper Write writers’ workshop.


Due to the launch of our 60 Scenes in 60 Days writing challenge, these in-person workshops have been put on hold. But we’ve just launched the new PenPaperWrite Home Study Kit, where you can take this workshop at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.


The PenPaperWrite Workshop is an interactive, intense, workshop with personalized coaching, development of storyline from Concept to Storyboard through Character Analysis and Plot Development, and The Story Cycle a new take on Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of writing workshops and sites that reach out to help writers. None of which we feel can give writers as much determination and attention as we do. PenPaperWrite, as a whole, cares about their authors and cares about their process, however long and tedious it may be to reach that glorious moment when all the hours, all the pages, come together in two words: The End.

We intend to do whatever it takes to make things happen for the writer – every single person who has the courage to pick up a pen, a piece of paper and write.

 Hilton Suites Perimeter
6120 Peachtree Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Cost: $1497.00  Two day workshop

Saturday 10-5
(Break 12 – 1)

Character Development/Archetypes
Point of View Plot/Conflict/Resolution

Sunday 10-5
(Break 12 – 1)

Setting and Description
The Story Cycle
Dialogue and Voice
The Storyboard