Who supports you as a writer?

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What kind of support can writers expect from the people around them? Writing is a solo endeavor – it’s the writer and the page. The world around writers can be kind or unkind depending on who populates that world at any given time. Tides of approval and disapproval wash over a writer’s work in progress as family and friends read …

Are you trapped by one story?

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Many writers start young; they begin the journey inspired to write a testament to their inner Hemingway, Stephen King, James Joyce or fill in the blank. It could have been high school, college, whenever writers feel that what they read is good, but inside of them there’s the seed of something as good or maybe even better. Hubris? Maybe, but isn’t …

5 Stages of a Final Draft

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1. Isolation of an Idea Choosing the one great idea – after talking up a few, it’s the one that lights up faces, the one that lights you up, the one that when you talk about it that it feels like the rush of ground moving under as you step on the gas. So you write down the bones. It’s …

Why write fiction?

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Why write fiction? We know what non-fiction is for, to inform, to give us facts, to paint the picture as it is or was through the eyes of the writer. Doesn’t fiction tell the truth?

Writers Write or Writers Finish?

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Let’s start with a premise that writing is a craft like carpentry. The writer, like the carpenter is a craftsman who must work at the craft in order to achieve the level desired. The better the craftsman, the better the product: a handmade chair by the carpenter, and a final manuscript by the writer. How does one get to that …

Writing: Agony or Ecstasy?

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  Raymond Carver said: “Writing’s not terrible, it’s wonderful. I keep my own hours, do what I please. When I want to travel, I can. I’m doing what I most wanted to do all my life. I’m not into the agonies of creation. “ So why is it that so many writers show up at our writer’s groups with pained …