What promise does your novel make and can you deliver?

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Readers want something out of a novel because the writer offers something: an escape into a dazzling love affair, a trek into a strange land in search of a dangerous prize or a puzzle solving journey into a seemingly unsolvable crime. As writers we promise to unveil, to resolve, to unearth and to make understandable the evil deed, the true …

4 ways I cope with distraction as a writer

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I write any time I can – I write sitting down waiting for an appointment, I write on the last smidgeon of counter space at a coffee shop, I write early in the morning, late at night, and I swear to God, I write in my sleep. It is all in the service of completing my current project. Any delay …

Do readers ‘hear’ what you write?

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It’s not unusual to expect someone who plays an instrument to have a ‘good ear.’ Even if you don’t play but really enjoy music you would benefit from having this attribute. What about what writers hear when they create what their characters say? There can be a great deal of innuendo and subtext in dialog. What we want the characters to say often …

Are you an apologetic writer?

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The young man stood up looking very eager to read the handful of typewritten pages held confidently in his hands. He surveyed the table where half a dozen men and women had gathered for a monthly writer’s group and after his eyes met and engaged most of his fellow writers, the young man spoke. “I brought the first part of …

Write the truth call it fiction

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Fiction is the ship we build to navigate the waters of both our real and imagined lives. How deep we dive into those worlds depends on the measure of confidence we have that we will return in one piece.

How does an idea turn into a novel?

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One of the writers in our group told me I have ‘catch phrases’ and when prompted here are three I was told I use often: “No conflict, no story.” “I can’t teach you how to write.” (Nobody can) and this one about ideas: “An idea is not a novel”. I like to explain the last one with the image of …

How valuable is time spent not writing?

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I am a cheerleader, not the pompom wielding sort, the constant advocate sort. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing one of the writers associated with PPW finish their novel or screenplay. I have used the phrase ‘writers write’ as in writer’s write every day and now I am about to add a disclaimer. We are still writers …

The story we WANT to write and the story we HAVE to write

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I believe as writers, we become dedicated to a story that we see as one we really want to write. A story that causes our eyelids to flutter in deep sleep dreaming of new scenes, the story we wake up to in the morning, the story we see on the bestseller list. But is there another kind of story laying low under our writing …