Grab a sofa – save a book – one writer’s opinion


Save a book - g rab a sofa

Natural habitat of the reader with a real book

Do you have a comfy sofa? A chair with an ottoman or foot stool? Is there a light that shines just right over your shoulder on the book you’re reading?  I said ‘book’ with covers . And with pages that you turn, lightly squishing down the corner just enough to grab hold of it and turn it to set it on top of the last one.  Page after page filled with real printed words, printed by an actual press, smell the paper, take a whiff of the ink … Continue reading…

Three things writers have in common with psychics

Find your future in a novel

Why not pick up a good novel and immerse yourself in a character?

Ever have a story ever come to you fully formed in a dream? Have you ever had an idea for a story and seen a facsimile of that story happen days later in the news?

Have you ever had a real life premonition that came true? Do you meet people who resemble the characters you’ve already written about?

Have you ever tried to move objects with your mind? Continue reading…

Where to start a story?

START the story

Where do you start a story? The choices are harder than most people think. You won’t be face to face with your reader to gauge whether or not the story is grabbing that reader’s attention or producing a yawn. So how do you know the best spot in your story to start telling it?

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Idea to novel – how fast?

Idea to novel -how fast?

  How fast can you turn an idea into a novel?  If you have a great idea for a novel you want it on the page as fast as possible. You can picture it, right? A story with a neat little twist, a totally unique character and an ending that no one will see coming. You’ve got it. […]

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Is your story going nowhere?

Shut Up And Go To Work

Have you ever met a guy at a cocktail party who goes on and on and you just want to say “Shut up and get to the point!” There’s a story that nobody is going to stick around to listen to for very long. Why?

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Ready, set kick off your scenes!

Ready set, kick off your scenes! Ever watch five-year olds play soccer? One kid kicks the ball down the field and immediately a mob follows it. When you start off a scene your character is that five-year old who kicks the ball as hard as he can.

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What are you doing tonight?

beautiful woman with book in clouds

 Grab a glass of wine, a pint of stout or keep it simple with Perrier and lime. I want to talk to you about what it takes to bring that story out of your head and on to the page. You need some tools and I’m going to give them to you, all of them. […]

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The idea that devoured a story

Mouth of monkey - baboon

This is a serious tale about an unsuspecting writer with a crazy good idea. It came to her one day, she couldn’t remember exactly how, but she knew it was the one. This idea was going to be the best story she had ever written. Until…

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6 crumbs of wisdom from a poet

6 crumbs of wisdom for writers

There is a lot to think about when considering what we leave behind as writers. Will the world find our work useful? Entertaining? Provocative? Important? In the event we never get around to writing anything at all, will our great ideas remain trapped in our brains and end up like a tiny handful of crumbs? […]

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Smell this or why you should use scent in your writing

Smell and memory are provocative

Writing with all five senses is the goal in description for a writer and scent may be the most powerful. For one reason, it’s the number one memory trigger for the human psyche. Odors are everywhere and you are responding to smells consciously or subconsciously all the time. That includes the smells you read…

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